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There is no one single cause of psoriatic arthritis. Risk factors range from genetics and certain medical conditions to smoking and food choices.
Diagnosing psoriatic arthritic can be challenging and time-consuming. A doctor must rule out any other medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

Skin psoriasis and joint pain and swelling are the most common and notable symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. A wide variety of other symptoms may also appear.

There are several therapies, including medications and at-home treatments, to keep psoriatic arthritis symptoms under control.

Psoriatic arthritis is a medical condition in which skin psoriasis is accompanied by joint pain or swelling. Usually, the skin condition appears first. There are several subtypes of psoriatic arthritis, including as asymmetric, Symmetric, Distal, arthritis mutilans, and axial arthritis (spondyloarthritis).